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We hope you enjoy reading our maternity fashion blog. Our aim is provide a great range of affordable maternity clothes to pregnant bellies everywhere. We want to provide you with maternity fashion tips and ideas to help you mix and match your maternity clothes to strech your budget further. We hope you feel stylish and beautiful during this amazing time of your life.


What's Your Maternity Clothing Style ?

Being pregnant can be a great excuse to experiment with fashion while you have fun dressing up your bump. We asked one of our customers to tell us about their maternity clothing style ....... I loved dressing up my bump during all of my pregnancies. I chose maternity dresses that I could dress up or down to stretch my maternity clothing budget further. I also felt more daring with my maternity clothes feeling great in more feminine styles, adding a few more frills than I would normally wear and I loved wearing bold, bright colours. I also chose maternity clothes that I thought would be suitable to wear post pregnancy as I knew it would take a while to regain my post pregnancy shape. I had an overwhelming desire to dress up my bump.

I purchased 2 pairs of maternity jeans. Jeans are such a staple in most peoples wardrobes so a great pair of comfortable maternity jeans are a must. I chose maternity jeans that had a belly band attached which I continued to wear for 3 or 4 moths after my baby was born. I just rolled the belly band down and they were really comfortable. I paired my maternity leggings with soft, stretchy maternity tanks and a maternity hoodie for exercising in and then wore them with long maternity tops and flats for shopping and casual outings. I also wore my maternity leggings under dresses with boots in winter. There are loads of ways to wear maternity leggings. I also transformed some of my summer maternity dresses into winter outfits by wearing a long sleeve maternity top underneath with my leggings and boots. My most versatile outfit was my short sleeve maternity wrap dress (which I still wear now). I wore it in summer with flats or heels and then I added a long sleeve turtleneck underneath in winter. I also bought a comfortable pair of maternity pyjamas which I really appreciated during my hospital stay when I was breastfeeding with guests dropping in.


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