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We hope you enjoy reading our maternity fashion blog. Our aim is provide a great range of affordable maternity clothes to pregnant bellies everywhere. We want to provide you with maternity fashion tips and ideas to help you mix and match your maternity clothes to strech your budget further. We hope you feel stylish and beautiful during this amazing time of your life.


Love Your Bump

I loved being pregnant but there is no doubt that pregnancy comes with its' challenges ! The most common challenge is no doubt morning sickness. Although I did suffer from morning sickness during one of my pregnancies I did not during the other two - go figure. Ummmmm could this be because of the sex of the child - no, as I had three boys !

Another challenge is how to dress your growing bump. I went out and purchased a lot of maternity clothes during my first pregnancy (this was long before I started my own online maternity clothing store). This dilemma was, however the inspiration for starting my own maternity clothing business. I had the challenge of purchasing great looking maternity clothes on a pretty tight budget ....... hence the idea of providing quality maternity clothes with an affordable price tag. Lets face it , my husbands oversized tracky dacks and tee's did not cut it !

Now is a great time to be pregnant when it comes to maternity fashions as there is whole lot hot mamas sharing their individually adorable, and obtainable,  maternity style!  Take a look at the numerous online maternity clothing stores and maternity fashion blogs to get some inspiration on how to dress your bump........... but most of all love your bump and embrace your own, individual maternity style !


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