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We hope you enjoy reading our maternity fashion blog. Our aim is provide a great range of affordable maternity clothes to pregnant bellies everywhere. We want to provide you with maternity fashion tips and ideas to help you mix and match your maternity clothes to strech your budget further. We hope you feel stylish and beautiful during this amazing time of your life.


What Are Belly Bands?

Belly Bands are an essential wardrobe stable for any expecting mum. They are made from super soft and stretchy fabric, designed to be worn over the top of pants/skirt/jeans, you can’t do up anymore.

They look like a wide tube top or boob tube, specially designed to fit around a pregnant mother’s mid section. Belly bands are usually made from a combination of fibres such as cotton + elastane/spandex or lycra. They have to be stretchy in order to stay up and on and also to “grow” with a mother’s abdomen as her pregnant belly expands.

Although some women can quite proudly claim they are able to wear their “normal” clothes when pregnant, for the majority this is just not the case. Most find that by around the second trimester, their clothes are getting too tight for comfort – especially in the tummy region.

In the first and second trimester of pregnancy, some women choose to fold their belly band in half because it doesn’t need to cover as much tummy area. But as their pregnancy advances, the band can be worn fully expanded. . As their tummy enlarges and it becomes difficult to do up the zip, clips or buttons, these can be left open and the belly band is worn over the top, covering the expanse of skin. They work like a “bridge” between where the top ends and where the pants or skirt start.

Some mothers find they are just a good fashion accessory and provide a different layering look. They can smooth the mid section and provide an alternative to monochromatic colour when dressing.

Belly bands are a great intermediate wardrobe item between not fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity clothing being too big. When maternity pants would otherwise be swimming on you, a belly band will help to hold them up. Likewise, in the first couple of months after your baby is born, you’re unlikely to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Belly bands can still be worn after birth.

Check out MotherLand’s range of belly bands, from a very affordable price of $14.95.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Having A Baby

There is little doubt that the life changing moment of finding out you are pregnant will evoke a flood of emotions. On top of this, you may be experiencing some of the common early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Whilst finding out that you are pregnant may come as a complete surprise to some new mums to be, others will be on high alert for any early pregnancy signs. Some of the most common early pregnancy signs include a missed period, morning sickness, fatigue, frequent urination, tender breasts and/or nipples, stomach cramps around the time your period is due, implantation bleedind, acne and ultimately a positive pregnancy test. Another early pregnancy sign is food cravings with approximatel 85% of pregnant women getting at least one food craving throughout their pregnancy.

Arguably, the most debilitating early pregnacy sign is morning sickness. Morning sickness can strike at any time of the day and for some pregnant women it can literally last all day. Approximately 80% of pregnant women suffer from some degree of morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy. For some pregnant women, morning sickness is quite mild whilst for others it interferes with everyday activities. The good news is that it usually starts to ease towrads the end of the first trimester. Regardless of whether you experience all of the early pregnancy signs or none at all, you should always consult a doctor if you have any concerns regarding your health or the health of your baby throughout your pregnancy. 


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