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We hope you enjoy reading our maternity fashion blog. Our aim is provide a great range of affordable maternity clothes to pregnant bellies everywhere. We want to provide you with maternity fashion tips and ideas to help you mix and match your maternity clothes to strech your budget further. We hope you feel stylish and beautiful during this amazing time of your life.


Breastfeeding On The Go

Whilst breastfeeding may be a breeze for some new mums it can be quite a challenge for most of us. It took me 6-8 weeks to feel comfortable breastfeeding , let alone in public. I perservered and I am glad I did but it was a skill that took my babies and I time to master. Once I felt comfortable breastfeeding in public my next question was what to wear. I breastfed before I started my business so it was all new to me. In fact, my breasfeeding experience is what inspired me to provide quality breastfeeding clothes to the new mums of Australia at an affordable price. Below are some great tips to help you breastfeed comfortably and discreetly in public. Breastfeeding does not mean sacrificing your persoanl style.

1. When you are breastfeeding its' a great time to wear dresses - There are lots of companies desinging maternity dresses that are also purpose built for breastfeeding. Take a look online at just to view the designs available. You can also get crafty with the dresses you currently have in your wardrobbe. If you have any soft, stretchy cotton knit dresses with straps or sleeves that can easily be pulled down these are ideal for breastfeeding. When you are nursing try to wear breastfeeding clothes that are made from cotton fabrics rather than synthetic fabrics to avoid overheating your breasts. When you are nursing the key is to choose dresses that allow for easy access.

2. I recommend that you purchase a few breastfeeding tee's and breastfeeding tanks that you can mix and match with your non maternity wardrobe. Purchasing a few breastfeeding cammi's with built in bra's will be one of the best decisions you make with regards to allowing for discreet and convenient breastfeeding. I love the breatsfeeding cammi's that clip down at the shoulder. I wore them everywhere and even to bed. The styles with an inbuilt bra held my breast pads in place at night so I didn't wake up soaking wet. You can also put your button up shirts to good use when you are breastfeeding as they allow for really easy access. Button up shirts also look chic with your favourite jeans or shorts.

3. Choosing a comfortable pair of breastfeeding pyjamas or a breastfeeding nightie will be a decision you definately won't regret. My best friend gave me a pair of breastfeeding pyjamas before I went into the hospital to have my first child and I absolutely loved tham and jumped online and purchased some more.

4. My tip is to purchase a few breastfeeding bra's that clip dow at the shoulder. In fact, once you stop wearing a regular bra during your pregnancy I recommend that you purchase a maternity bra that is also designed for breastfeeding.

5. Always carry a scarf when you are breastfeeding. Not only will it allow for discreet breastfeeding when you are on the run but scarves are great for covering marks that you will inevitably encouter from time to time on your clothing.




Breastfeeding Clothing

What to wear after you give birth can be confusing for first time new mums. I was still wearing my maternity clothes for about a month after the birth of my first son, for about 3 months after the birth of my second son and about 9 months after the birth of my third son. Unless you are genetically blessed it does take some time and effort for most of us to snap back into our pre-pregnancy shape. If you are breastfeeding your baby choosing clothes that allow for convenient and comffortale nursing will make your life a lot easier. Now is the time to choose tops and dresses that are designed for breastfeeding or at least allow for easy breastfeeding access. My number one tip during this time is to purchase a pair of maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas or a maternity and breastfeeding nightie.   

We recommend that you purchase a few breastfeeding bra's - they are a great investment for breastfeeding mums. There is a vast array of breastfeeding bra's available to purchase online ...... from purely functional through to gorgeous lingerie. We recomment that you purchase some basic maternity and breastfeeding tanks and tee's. There are some really trendy breastfeeding designs available now  ......... often, others will not even know they are breastfeeding tops. If you have regular tops and dresses that have buttons, zippers or V-necks you will be able to breastfeeding conveniently and discreetly from these styles. So, whether you are looking for casual breastfeeding tops, breastfeeding sleepwear or a gorgeous evening dress designed for breastfeeding we have you covered. The girls at are dedicated to providing new mums throughout Australia with trendy, comfortable and convenient breastfeeding clothes at an affordable price.  


Nursing Wraps

Breastfeeding on the run can be tricky , especially during the first few months whilst you and your newborn are learning the skill of breastfeeding. There is an array of breastfeeding clothes available now to ensure that you can breastfeed comfortably and discreetly whilst out in public. With winter on our door step there is no doubt that you will be layering your maternity clothes with non maternity clothing items to create your own maternity style. Our nursing wrap by Angel Maternity is a must have item for our breastfeeding mums and is a versatile item to have in your breastfeeding wardrobe. You can wear it as a wrap or scarf during cooler weather or as a baby blanket whilst you are out walking. Then when you are breastfeeding in public it is the perfect breastfeeding wrap. This amazing breastfeeding wrap is available to purchase online now from and once you have one you will wonder how you managed without it.   


Breastfeeding Dresses

Gone are the days when breastfeeding dresses look dull and drab. There is now an abundance of fashionable, trendy breastfeeding dresses available at very affordable prices.  If you're looking for a breastfeeding maxi dress, breastfeeding evening dress or a beautiful breastfeeding wrap dress look no further. At Maternity Clothes Online we have a gorgeous breastfeeding dress available to suit any occasion. Whether you are spending a day at the beach, the shopping centre or attending a wedding you will be pleasantly surprised at the extensive range of breastfeeding dresses available to purchase online now.

When you are pregnant and purchasing maternity clothes you can also choose styles that are designed for breastfeeding. Our breastfeeding dresses and breastfeeding tops come in a range of easy to access designs which allow for comfortable and discreet breastfeeding. When choosing breastfeeding tops we recommend that you purchase breastfeeding clothes made from natural fibres rather than synthetic fibres which can cause your breasts to overheat. Cotton fabrics also absorb liquid a lot more effectively than synthetic fibres.

Maternity Clothes Online also stock a trendy and comfortable range of maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas. They are a staple item to pack in your hospital bag. If you a looking for a gift for your favourite mum to be breastfeeding pyjamas or a breastfeeding nightie will be an absolute hit. Maternity Clothes Online are dedicated to providing a fashionable range of breastfeeding clothes at affordable prices.


Maternity Fashion Made Easy

Well, there is no doubt that maternity fashion is not what it used to be and that pregnant women today are completely spoilt for choice. Maternity fashion websites are popping up everywhere giving pregnant mums throughout Australia the opportunity to look and feel fabulously beautiful throughout their pregnancy. Gone are the days of pregnant women having to wear oversized regular clothes or their partners oversized tee shirts. Maternity clothes are now much more affordable and a lot more fashionable than they ever have been. It is a great time to be pregnant as most people can now afford maternity fashion that will cater to their changing body throughout their pregnancy and beyond with ease. You can mix and match maternity wrap dresses, maternity leggings and maternity tops to suit your maternity mood. There is an extensive range of maternity dresses that also look fabulous post pregnancy and are suitable for breastfeeding. If you are having trouble gaining inspiration there are a number of maternity fashion bloggers online now with great maternity fashion tips for dressing up your bump. Maternity Clothes Online is dedicated to providing pregnant women throughout Australia with affordable, fashionable maternity clothes. We also have extensive range of breastfeeding tops, breastfeeding dresses and breastfeeding sleepwear online now. You can mix and match your maternity and non maternity clothing with gorgeous accessories to create your unique maternity style.



Breastfeeding Isn't Always A Breeze

Breastfeeding can be a breaaze for some new mums but other new mums face a variety of challanges so it great news that there is plenty of breastfeeding support available for new mums. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experince and gives your baby a great start to life and is a good chance to relax and bond with your baby. Whilst some new mums breeze through breastfeeding for the first time, others find it a big challenge. For me, breastfeeding was a skill that I found very challenging and at times painful. In reality it can be a frustrating and at times painful skill that can take time and lots of practice to master. The good news is that most, not all, breastfeeding problems can be overcome with perserverance. 

When my first baby was born I had unrealistic expectations - I thought breastfeeding was going to be easy and felt like a failure when I experienced difficulties. I seeked out the help of the midwives at the hospital and spoke to other mums who were breastfeeding and soon realised that I wasn't alone. I think it took about 6 weeks until I reached the point where I felt comfortable breastfeeding. It is recommended that you breastfeed as soon as possible after the birth of your baby. There are lactation specialists in most hospitals so they and the midwives are a great source of help. I remeber having 3 nurses around me showing me how to position my baby (lol).

If you choose to breastfeed let your nearest and dearest know that breastfeeding is important to you. This will increase your chances of having a support group immediately around you. Advice on breastfeeding has changed over the years so it is very possible that your mum or your grandmother have different advice that they received all those years ago. If you have already left the hospital and you need some help with breastfeeding you can find lactation specialists in your local yellow pages or through your local hospital. The Australian Breastfeeding association also offer phone support.

Your breasts will need a lot of care when breastfeeding. Wearing a comfortable bra that gives a good amount of support will help reduce the chance of back and shouler discomfort. Expressing a small amount of milk and rubbing it gently on your nipples during the early days of breastfeeding is supposed to help nipple grazes. If you do experience painful, lumpy breasts make sure you seek medical help as some new mums do get a blocked duct or mastitus which can be very painful and impede your milk flow.

I found that breastfeeding in a quiet location helped me feel relaxed during the few weeks (although this can be difficult, if not impossible when you also have a toddler). Breastfeeding can become a heated issue (literally) as your body tempreature rises, so if possible sit in a cool location and wear comfortable, lightweight clothes. There are various styles of breastfeeding clothes available to purchase online or in maternity clothing stores which are specifically designed for breastfeeding mums. Choose fabrics that are made from natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo rather than synthetic fabrics which will make you feel hotter and sweat. Make sure you have a tall glass of water handy as you may feel very thirsty during or after breastfeeding. Investing in a comfortable pair of maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas will ensure you keep your tummy covered when breastfeeding whilst allowing easy access to the breast. They are also great during your hospital stay when visitors and medical staff are coming and going.

There are a few different styles of breastfeeding tops available. MotherLand stock maternity and breastfeeding cammisole tops that clip down from the shoulder straps to allow for discreet breastfeeding. Our most popular style of breastfeeding tops, breastfeeding pyjamas and brestfeeding nighties are those that you simply push to the side to allow access to the breast. We stock an extensive range of affordable, comfotable and trendy  breastfeeding clothes that you can purchase online now. The girls at MotherLand wish you the very best during this incredible time of your life. xxx


Maternity Leggings

I LOVE maternity leggings. They are a must have maternity fashion staple item. I lived in my leggings and bought multiple pairs throughout my three pregnancies. Maternity Clothes Online stocks maternity leggings by MotherLand, Lilly & Me and Angel Maternity. During the warmer weather pair them with your favourite maternity tanks and tee's with flats and during the cooler weather with long maternity tunics, maternity jumpers and ankle boots.

Maternity leggings also look great under your favourite maternity wrap dress for a versatile and trendy look. Lilly & Me make a luxurious pair of seam free maternity leggings which you can purchase online now. Maternity Clothes Online are dedicated to stocking an extensive range of affordable maternity and breastfeeding clothes. All of the maternity clothes we stock are made from great quality fabrics which are designed to cater to your changing shape throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We also stock an extensive range of breastfeeding clothes to ensure comfortable and discreet breastfeeding. Our maternity and breastfeeding sleepwear options are comfortable, affordable and trendy and make the perfect gift for your favourite mum to be. 





A word On Maternity Sleepwear

I love blogging about maternity and breastfeeding sleepwear because I think they are Gods gift to every pregnant woman and every mum nursing a baby. Lets face it , in the those first few weeks with a newborn some days you won't even want to get out of your pyjamas. Hence, why I believe that maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas are a gift sent to us from above. Maternity pyjamas are fantastic during your pregnancy when comfort is probably one of your highest priorities, Once bub arrives they allow for discreet and comfortable breastfeeding. So, my advice is to purchase a pair of maternity pyjamas which are also purposely built for nursing your newborn baby. My best advice to all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles and best friends out there - if one of your favourite people is expecting soon then purchase them a pair of maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas or a maternity & breastfeeding nightie - they will be forever grateful !

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding provides your baby with a great start to life. However, just because it is natural doesn’t guarantee that it is easy for some mums - me included. I persevered with breastfeeding my babies, although at times it was difficult, painful and an emotional rollercoaster ride. The good news is that most mums and bubs are able to continue breastfeeding , after the initial hiccups. I found it painful in the early days but thank goodness there is plenty of help at hand if you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding. Make sure you seek out help and reassurance from midwives, the Australian Breastfeeding Association and those close to you. 

Breastfeeding in public has been a hot topic in recent years but the great news is that nearly all mothers nurse in public without any problem. There is an array of breastfeeding clothing available now to assist new mums that are on the go with their bubs. Breastfeeding tops allow you to breastfeed discreetly in public and with a greater focus in recent years on maternity fashion there are also plenty of maternity dresses available for both working mums as well as stay at home mums that are designed for breastfeeding too. Choosing maternity tops that are also suitable for breastfeeding will save you money. Motherland also supplies breastfeeding pyjamas which are fantastic for your stay In the hospital and those late night and early morning feeds when you are at home.

However, you choose to feed you baby the girls at MotherLand wish you the very best !


Save Money Buying Maternity Clothes

You don't need to spend a fortune on maternity clothing to look and feel fantastic whilst you are pregnant. Stretch your maternity clothing budget further by purchasing maternity pieces that you can mix and match. This will add versatility and style to your maternity wardrobe without costing you a fortune. At MotherLand we specialise it great quality maternity and breastfeeding clothes at affordable prices If you are working in an office choosing corporate maternity wear that also looks great for a special day or night out will save you money. If you also choose styles that are suitable  to wear during the post pregnancy months and dresses and tops that are suitable for breastfeeding this will save you money in the long run.

If you are intending to breastfeed it is a great idea to purchase maternity dresses, maternity tops and maternity pyjamas that are also suitable for this purpose. Most of our maternity pyjamas are also designed for breastfeeding, as are our maternity nighties. 

Choosing maternity pants, where possible , that you can continue to wear during the post pregnancy months is another helpful tip. Maternity pants, maternity cargo's and maternity shorts with adjustable elastic waistbands are a great choice both during your pregnancy and in the months following the birth of your baby. 

The Motherland Team xxx 


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